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Oink is a small creative agency with big experience.





The Royal College of Physicians launched a new Medical Conference Professionals service that will see the RCP offer its first-class conference skills, services and state-of-the-art venue to external clients and contacts to boost revenue in this area. Oink were asked to create a name and develop a brand that will sit alongside that of RCP, but not be limited by its brand guidelines. They needed a brand that encompassed the professional and complete service they provide reflecting RCP’s core values whilst standing alone as an independent commercial venture.



We had a series of meetings and guided tours of the conference facilities, to fully understand the business offering and the facilities and services provided by Circulus. The concept derives from the action of connecting like-minded people together, which a conference or event provides.

The dots represent people coming together for support, advice and education.

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Further use of these graphics show connectivity between professionals at such events to confide, advise or learn from each other.

The collaborative nature of working with the client and connecting them with the services, venues and technology that they may need to produce a successful conference or event.